A home is a place of belonging

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  • 02.05.2023
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Involve is about social services and the adequacy of the social services. Next to involvement into the social service, the adequacy must be high. In Ireland the discussion on housing is sharp: the evictions and the poor social housing possibilities drives people to dwelling on the streets.

Rory Hearne, Irish partner of Involve, fights for the rights of the evicted people. Michel Debruyne, coordinator of Involve, is cited in this article:

“Michel Debruyne is a human rights campaigner with the Involve Project in Belgium. He explains that this is because the fundamental right to housing is established in Belgian law, which is a right to live somewhere in safety, peace and dignity. He says, “anyone at risk of losing their home is, in principle, given the opportunity to have the proportionality of the eviction examined by an independent court. Social support services are notified and there is a specific ‘Fund to combat evictions’, which can cover rent arrears and keep the tenant in their home.”

Read more on : Dr Rory Hearne: Lifting the ban on evictions was an unforgivable act by a misguided government (

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