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With the aim of reducing social, economic and political inequalities, Rede DLBC Lisboa, through focus groups (of young people and emigrants), will verify opinions, ideas, complaints, suggestions… of disadvantaged people, who, historically, have less access and influence in the decision-making process.

This project, in which the association will serve as co-researcher, helping to combat distrust in political institutions, will contribute to the development of a more participatory and socially responsible society and will help to raise the voice of vulnerable groups.

Rede DLBC Lisboa will provide experts to develop viable political strategies in order to achieve more trust-based governance in public services, promoting strategies, actions and policies to tackle inequalities, including marginalized groups in the participatory process.

Team members

Maria José Domingos

  • Rede DLBC Lisboa’s Director. European project manager

Ana Henriques

  • Communications and Social Media Manager

Nélia Ramos

  • Administrative and financial management of the project

Sofia Rodrigues

  • Project facilitator

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