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Beweging.net is an important Flemish co-operative organization with the objective to emancipate workers and the more vulnerable in society in a spirit of human rights. It is the umbrella organization of a network of trade unions, socio-cultural organizations, health insurance organizations and welfare organizations, and uses this network and the network of volunteers and professionals to reach its objectives.

On the European level, beweging.net has set up the informal network ‘Alliances to Fight Poverty’ as a coalition between different stakeholders (academics, trade unions, social organizations, grassroot organizations).

Next to this coalition, beweging.net has taken the lead in coalitions on civil society, on poverty reduction, on climate change, on mobility and so on. beweging.net was the network coordinator of the H2020 project RE-InVEST (grant agreement number 649447) where the crossing of knowledge, initiated by the ‘Alliance to Fight Poverty’ was at the core.

From 2019 on, beweging.net coordinated the DG Citizenship REC project REGAL (grant agreement number 831596) seeking aspirations for a genuine worklife balance for precarious women at work.

From 2021 on, beweging.net is responsible for the general management of the overall OPPORTUNITIES project. Plus, beweging.net is the principal responsible for the cross-talks (both methodology and coordination field work) and guarantees the link between the cross-talks, theoretical foundations, artwork and dissemination and the different participants of the consortium involved.

In the project INVOLVE, Beweging.net is responsible for the general management, the scientific coordination, the transformative lab, and the citizen lab. Beweging.net is involved in all the labs to guarantee the links between the work packages.

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